Hello! We are Pedro and Alicia, married with four children.  We call ourselves The Traveling Chefs. As recent retirees, we see ourselves traveling the rest of the US, parts of Europe and Asia. We will be discovering local cuisines, learning to cook them and sharing our experiences with you. 


Due to our passion for travel, cooking and establishing good relationships, we call ourselves “The Traveling Chefs.” Not professionally trained to cook, we use the word “chef” based on its Old French origin “chef de cuisine.” It means “head”, for we are the heads in our kitchen.  

Thus, we fondly refer to ourselves as ‘Chef Pedro’ and ‘Chef Alicia.’ A few of our friends and relatives call us “chefs” as well, for fun of course.   We mutually understand we aren’t professional chefs. Oftentimes however, we prepare very good meals.


As The Traveling Chefs, we aim to  spread  the joy of cooking, travel, and good relationship over the world through social media and in person.


We inspire people around the world  to experience the love for and the  joy of cooking, of traveling and of making good relationships. We do this  through unique stories that reflect our brand and creativity. We employ available technology within our means in the sharing of these stories.


You can expect us to share with you the places we’ve been to, the local cuisines, and our efforts to learn to cook them. You will also be privy to our thoughts and feelings about these experiences.

Our brand will continue to evolve as our experiences, skills, and resources grow. On account of this growth, you can expect our stories to grow as well.


 We beg your indulgence in reading our stories while giving us allowance for our inadequacies in our use of the English language. It is our second. Hiligaynon is our first, English second, Tagalog third. We use each of these whenever occasion requires.

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