Sycamore Lodge, Trexia’s First Camp Out Of Florida


Last September, The Traveling Chefs drove Trexia for a two-week vacation in Sycamore Lodge RV Resort in Jackson Springs, NC. This is Trexia’s first camp outside of Florida, their home base.

Chef Pedro drove her all the way to NC by himself as Chef Alicia hasn’t driven her yet since the test drive. If you’re wondering who Trexia is, she is their Class C motorhome which they have introduced in their previous blog entitled Introducing Trexia.

Driving a motorhome on I-95 where the speed limit goes up to 70 mph is a lot more nerve-racking than driving a cruiser. Those who have driven a tall mid-sized truck can relate. Every time a large truck overtakes her, Chef Pedro has to keep her steady on the lane. This is why Chef Alicia hasn’t been driving her up to this time.

When they arrived at Sycamore Lodge after about 11 hours on the road, including stops for gas and food, Chef Pedro took a big sigh of relief. The naps he took during each stop weren’t enough to compensate for the lack of sleep the night before. Too much excitement must have taken hold of him.


Due to their late arrival and to COVID-19, nobody was on the Registration Office when they stopped for direction to their lot. Luckily, someone asked them if it’s their first time there. He then led them to their site which was all the way to the back. Without his help, The Traveling Chefs would have difficulty locating the lot at Trexia’s first camp out of Florida.

After thanking him, Chef Pedro parked Trexia and hooked her up instantly. The trial campings they had in their home base had equipped him with these necessary skills. Shortly after a quick dinner, they went to bed, promising to explore the campground tomorrow.


The new friends they’ve met in their home base had great things to say about Sycamore Lodge. They said it’s one of the biggest RV campgrounds owned by Travel Resorts of America and one of the most beautiful.

Tall long leaf pines abound all over the property. The welcome center, the reception center, and the lodge itself are superior to the ones they have seen in their home base Luna Sands Resort. They even have miniature golf which Chef Pedro tried right away.

The cabins lining the edge of the lake are charming. They rent them out to guests without RVs. They even have sites for tent camping.


The Traveling Chefs love the lake the most in Sycamore Lodge. They enjoyed the refreshing breeze while they sat in the gazebo. Some geese rested on the foreground and then waded in the water. Chef Pedro invited Chef Alicia to take the trail around the lake. It’s a little over a mile walk. The trail leads to other points for more adventurous guests.

Chef Pedro tried fishing but hasn’t caught anything the first day. Sensing his frustration, a couple told him a secret. “The fish here like hotdogs,” they said. “The kids usually use hotdogs for bait, so the fish relish them,” they explained. Although the Traveling Chefs haven’t heard this before, they thought it’s okay to try. They purchased some hotdogs for the fish and the leftover for themselves. They haven’t eaten them for a while.

Using the secret bait, Chef Pedro caught three bluegills, each time as exciting as the rest. The last one he caught was longer than his palm. A friend of theirs in FB told them they can eat them. Unfortunately, here in Sycamore Lodge, the rule is catch and release.


From Sycamore Lodge, The Traveling Chefs visited Raleigh, Durham, Pinehurst, Carthage, and Southern Pines. They have shared their unique experiences in some of these interesting places in separate posts. They have also planned to visit Lake Lure but the approaching storm on the last four days of their vacation forced them to abandon it.

To escape the storm, they departed early via Charleston, South Carolina. En route there, Trexia crawled as heavy rain battered the highway and flooded a few spots leading to the city.

As you see, The Traveling Chefs travel with no fixed destination. They embrace spontaneity for exciting moments and make adjustments when needed. They also shared in a separate post their experiences in Charleston. Thank you for reading.

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