The Traveling Chefs Encamped in Kimbolton, Ohio


After a grueling two-day drive from Florida, The Traveling Chefs encamped in Rocky Fort Ranch in Kimbolton, Ohio. It was dark when they arrived at the RV resort. It took them over an hour to find their campsite which was atop the hill. They found a truck park on it, so they had to wait for an attendant to resolve the situation.

Rich, the attending personnel, explained that since it’s July 4th, there was an ongoing concert on the hall, so it may take him some time to find the truck owner. After a few minutes, a lady in a white bathrobe emerged from a camper in the next site and drove her truck to an empty space across the road.

As it was past 10 PM, Chef Pedro hastily hooked up power and water onto Trexia. Chef Alicia cleared the Murphy bed so they can sleep for the night as they were both dead tired. They promised to put their things in order the next day.


At 8:30 AM the following day, a knock on the door awakened the Traveling Chefs at their encampment in the Rocky Fort Ranch in Kimbolton. “Your unit is leaking water!”, a man said. Chef Pedro hurriedly wore his shorts and checked where the leak was coming from. He saw water dripping from the drain spouts. He ran to shut the faucet off, then the water stopped dripping.

Then he went to the other side of Trexia and found out that the water has formed a small pond which evaporated before the day ended. He was happy to learn that Trexia’s floor remained dry and there wasn’t a damage at all to their rig.

Since he hastily did the hook up in the dark last night, he had hooked the water up to the fresh tank rather than to the city water inlet. He thanked the good Samaritan neighbor who alerted him to the flooding. The latter happened to be the husband of the lady who drove the truck last night off their site.


Rich, the tall soft-spoken gentleman who helped them last night checked up on The Traveling Chefs the following day. He wanted to know how they were doing and what they planned to do while they’re in Ohio.

When he learned that Chef Pedro plays golf, he mentioned that the resort has a driving range. “But I did not bring my clubs,” the latter retorted. “No problem, you can use my clubs,” he said. He related that he used to play for his high school golf team and he still has the very same clubs he used back then.

“I will drop off the clubs later today or tomorrow,” he said. “Shall I drop off the whole set or just a few?, he asked. “Just a few,” Chef Pedro replied. “We don’t have a golf cart to drive to the driving range,” he added. The driving range is a probably a couple of miles down their campsite.


Chef Alicia did a spectacular job putting things in order inside Trexia while encamped in Kimbolton, Ohio. Since they’ve left Florida in a hurry, they simply tossed their belongings inside Trexia. They had to tiptoe to get to the bathroom. That’s how bad it was.

The interior of Trexia after Chef Alicia fixed it.

While Chef Alicia was tidying up Trexia, Chef Pedro took his bike to the Welcome Center to complete the registration process as instructed in the packet they’ve received last night. Before he left, he dropped by their neighbors to thank them for the flooding alert. The man said a similar thing occurred to them as well. It was worst for them for it flooded their floor and caused a lot of mess in their RV.


Chef Pedro made another friend while encamped at Kimbolton, Ohio. It happened when he came back from the Welcome Center. He saw the neighbors on the other side of their rig preparing to leave their site. After they exchanged pleasantries, they talked about more personal matters..

The man revealed the meaning of the tattoo “RD” on his left breast. He said he’s a part time truck driver who visits Florida from time to time. “I’ve found that most people in the campgrounds are the best people to talk to”, he said. “I agree,” Chef Pedro said thinking of his own experiences.

RD revealed he owns a boat. “It’s the same with boaters,” he explained. “As soon as they’re back in the city, they seem to encounter rude people.” Chef Pedro doesn’t own a boat, so he had no idea. He apologized for taking so much of his new friend’s time, interrupting him from his preparation. “Oh, no problem,” RD said. “It’s a pleasure talking to you,” he added. “Likewise,” Chef Pedro said and wished him good luck.


When Chef Pedro came back in, Chef Alicia said she has made a resolution. “I can’t wait to sell everything we own when we come back to Florida,” she confided. Chef Pedro smiled and thought to himself that his wife has finally valued minimalism. Real happiness she now understands doesn’t come from having a lot of possessions. It comes from doing the very things one loves.

They then agreed to explore their new surroundings on their next opportunity. The End.

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The Traveling Chefs’ First Camping


The Traveling Chefs‘ first camping happened in the Little Talbot Island State Park. After months of trying to persuade Chef Alicia to try camping, she finally said yes with some caveats.

There should be water and electrical hook ups and the sleeping condition should be comfortable. Chef Pedro assured her she will be fine for he said he has camped before.

Chef Alicia didn’t know that his last and only camping happened during his boy scout days, about fifty years ago. As one of the smallest boys in elementary school, he wasn’t much of help in pitching a tent or in cooking. All he can remember is that he joined the knot tying and building a fire contests.

After a thorough search of available campgrounds, The Traveling Chefs decided to camp in the Little Talbot Island State Park. At this time, they had no RV yet, so they use a tent their friends gave them a long time ago. They paid $24 for a night stay at Little Talbot.

“What if it rains during the night?”, Chef Alicia asked. Chef Pedro said they’ll be alright. The tent should be able to handle that. If not, they can sleep in their Expedition as they did last night in Fernandina Beach, he explained.

A young courteous ranger welcomed them in. He assured them they will be alright even though they are new to camping. As soon as they found their site, they thought of pitching their tent right away.


Chef Pedro surveyed the site and decided to put the tent up on the level ground. To his amazement, Chef Alicia set her half of the tent up ahead of his. All the while, he was bragging that he is the pro in camping.

After the tent is up, Chef Pedro built a fire. He rummaged for dry leaves, twigs and roots and with only a match, started the fire. He had an axe with him and was about to cut a fallen tree nearby when he recalled that campers must use their own firewood.

When he reviewed the welcome paper, he found out he couldn’t use the dry leaves or anything on the ground to start the fire. They hurried back to the station and bought the firewood.

The Sweet Potatoes Look Dark But They Tasted Good

For their dinner, they enjoyed their newly-cooked sweet potatoes and paired them with chicken adobo they have brought from home. They were happy to note that there were no mosquitoes or other insects to spoil their fun. They thought the campfire drove them away.

At 9:30 PM, they were ready to sleep. Before they got into the tent, Chef Alicia mentioned that it was getting windier. Chef Pedro told her to stay calm because it won’t rain. He reminded her to be ready with her pepper spray as he is ready with his. He also told her that he has also a hunting knife beside him and an axe should there be a need for them.


So far so good until the rain woke them up! They checked their phones for time and found out it’s 2 o’clock in the morning! “What shall we do, honey?”, Chef Alicia asked. Ever the “expert”, Chef Pedro reassured her not to worry for the rain shall soon stop.

Thirty minutes passed, the rain kept pouring. This time, the water has drenched some parts of their sleeping beds. They scampered to their Expedition and slept there ’til morning. Chef Pedro realized that had he pitched tent on the hill, the water wouldn’t have soaked their sleeping bags.

As soon as they woke up, they broke camp and washed their tent and dried it on their makeshift clothesline. They then proceeded to take a shower. Chef Alicia found a laundry room equipped with washer and dryer on her way there. The laundry room thrilled her.

At this point, Chef Pedro remembered he left his keys and his wallet on his backpack which he had placed on top of the picnic table at their campsite. He sprinted back and found the backpack right where he had left it.

On their way out of the park, Chef Alicia asked, “Dad, where are we heading next?” Chef Pedro said I don’t know. “You mean, we don’t have to go home!” “No”, he said excitedly; “We don’t have to go home.”

Right here was The Traveling Chefs’ eureka moment. They felt in their hearts the freedom that travel brings, that living in their house limits that freedom, that the road could be their new home, that a motorhome will make that happen. Most importantly, they realized they could live together happier with less.

Instead of taking I-95 S, they turned north for their next adventure. This time, Georgia is in their minds.

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