A Detour To Jacksonville


From Savannah, Georgia, The Traveling Chefs were supposed to go to Asheville, North Carolina. They took a detour instead to the opposite direction – Jacksonville, North Carolina. It was closer from where they were and most importantly, they will be spending time with some loving people.

“Check the map, which one is closer – Asheville or Jacksonville?”, asked Chef Pedro. When they learned that the latter is closer, they decided to surprise Fred, Chef Alicia’s brother who lives in Jacksonville. Although they have visited Fred many times before, they still wanted to go there because they are close to him and his family.

They only planned to stay for the night. Asheville was likewise recommended by their children to visit. So, they planned to drive to Asheville early the following day. Fred however, had a different plan. He wanted to bring them to places they haven’t heard or seen before.

A TOUR OF THE U.S.S. North Carolina

One of them is the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship which saw action in the Pacific including the Philippines during the 2nd World War. Chef Pedro and Chef Alicia found the tour of the battleship informative and interesting. They took many photos.

Fred also brought the Traveling Chefs to Topsail Island Beach and to one of its piers where many people were fishing. There is an entrance fee to the pier.

Topsail Island in Jacksonville, NC By Peter Nunez Photography

For dinner, Fred and his wife Arlene invited them to eat in the former’s favorite Japanese restaurant – Wasabi Japanese Sushi and Cuisine, currently rated 4.7 stars. The wide selection of their menu and the quality of their food impressed The Traveling Chefs who have a liking for Japanese cuisine.

The Traveling Chef took a detour to Jacksonville to be with relatives

Instead of proceeding to Asheville, The Traveling Chefs embraced the unequaled hospitality of their hosts. They are fortunate to have relatives who care. Nothing is more essential to a healthy and happy life than the quality of our relationships, Chef Pedro recalled a Harvard study.

In life, The Traveling Chefs have found it’s not easy to say goodbye to the people they love who love them in return. So, even though they skipped Asheville, they had no regrets. Their one week vacation is over. It’s time to go home.

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