The Cost of RVing And Why The Traveling Chefs Do It


You might be wondering how much does it cost to do RVing and why do The Traveling Chefs it. According to condor ferries, 11% of the US households own a recreational vehicle (RV). Over 40 million Americans regularly go RVing. It is a $114 billion industry, employing over 600,000 people and over 1 million Americans live in their RVs full time.

When they bought Trexia, (their RV) The Traveling Chefs thought that’s it. They could drive it all over the US and not worry about anything else. Oh boy, little did they know they have to spend more, a lot more to make their travel dreams come true.

Unless a person buys a high maintenance older RV, perhaps the biggest expense in RVing (in addition to the cost of the RV itself) is the cost of the campgrounds. On average, a person spends about $75 a night for a fully- hooked up campground lot. Hooked up includes water and electric. This translates to $27,375 a year, quite a sum of money, don’t you think?


To save on campground fees and to secure safe and suitable ones, The Traveling Chefs chose membership in the Travel Resorts of America which has eight RV campgrounds in the Northeast. They have other options but they preferred this instead.

Out of these eight campgrounds, they can stay for free in three of them for fourteen days at a time. One of these three is Sycamore Lodge in Jackson Springs, North Carolina, where they camped first outside of Florida. The other two are in Georgia and in Florida which is their home base.

At the other five, (two in Ohio, one Pennsylvania, one in New York, and one in Virginia), they can stay for $10 a night. They can also upgrade their membership so they can have free camping for life at all these eight campgrounds should they decide this is something they want to do for the rest of their life. Their children and their grandchildren can even inherit the membership.

There are other perks and benefits to this membership like being part of the Coast to Coast network of campgrounds where they only pay $10 a night. Their campgrounds are located throughout the US and a few in Canada and Mexico. Coast to Coast also allows them to rent hotels, condominiums, and cabins at a discount. They can even save up to 50% on food at some restaurants, a perk which they have taken advantage of a lot of times.


To these expenses they have to add the cost of gas, food, recreation, toll, maintenance, drinks, entrance fees to attractions, etc. Now, you can get the total picture. As you can see, it’s not a drop in the bucket.

And when they don’t use their RV for travel, they need to park it somewhere. That costs money, too. The development where they reside doesn’t allow them to park their RV. Thanks to their home base campground in Florida, they can park it there for a small fraction of the parking fee anywhere else.


RVing appeals to people who love the outdoors. People who love to cook in their own kitchen and spend time with their family are also drawn to RVing. They can even bring their pets with them. RVing also allows people to travel a lot for less. It gives them a sense of freedom. It allows them to live a simpler and more-fulfilled lives.

The Traveling Chefs have embraced this kind of lifestyle. And they are unabashedly sharing it with you. Should you be interested to learn more about Travel Resorts of America, please get in touch with The Traveling Chefs who will get a modest referral fee should you decide to join.

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