One Last Stop – Wilmington


On their way home from one week of travel, The Traveling Chefs decided to take one more stop, this time by Wilmington. It was highly recommended by their children anyway and it’s not out of their way at all.

Two of The Traveling Chefs children have either lived or visited Wilmington, North Carolina. Both have endorsed its beauty and livability. One of them even said he will live there for good. That was before a big hurricane has submerged this beautiful city for days. But that is another story.

After they took the exit from the highway, The Traveling Chefs found a parking lot close to the Riverwalk, a top attraction in the city. Built along the edge of the Cape Fear River in downtown Wilmington, the Riverwalk offers visitors and residents alike, spectacular views of the water, of the river bridge and of the USS North Carolina Battleship which they toured the day before.

While seated on one of the many available benches on the Riverwalk, Chef Alicia got a call from Arlene who inquired about her guests’ whereabout. “We’re still here in Wilmington!”, declared Chef Alicia. “I can’t believe you guys!”, Arlene exclaimed. From then on, Arlene has no doubts left on how crazy The Traveling Chefs are about travel.


For lunch, The Traveling Chefs went to Port City Java, a coffeehouse franchisor based right here in Wilmington. It’s a specialty coffee roaster which serves coffee beverages, smoothies, shakes, teas, breakfast all day and sandwiches for lunch.

The Traveling Chefs enjoyed the casual ambience of Port City Java, their specialty coffee and sandwiches and above all, their courteous young associates.

Then, The Traveling Chefs took time to catch their breath at the Railroad Museum. There were two other families when they came in and both have children. They all got into the Museum while the Traveling Chefs opted to rest outside. They have read that the Museum is a great attraction for children.

“Let’s go home.”, Chef Pedro finally said. This time, Chef Alicia and he are exhausted.

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